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Me and the family at the Magic Kingdom, April 2011
Hi, my name is Peter and I live in Kingston, Jamaica with my wife and two daughters.
Back in February of 2011 I got a call from my sister in the Netherlands who informed me that she, her family and our mom were travelling to Miami in April and if we could arrange to  be there as well? While we're at it, maybe make it a family outing to Orlando?

Cool, no problem. Less than two months to get a visa for our youngest, book our trip, find a place to stay, rent a car and plan our itinerary.

That last bit, the pre-planning part, was bit of a novelty for us as we were mostly in the habit of improvising on location.

Due to business obligations we figured we had around a week to have some fun in Orlando and since we only get to see my folks from Holland every other year we decided to make the most out of our limited time by doing some research in advance.

Left Clermont without breakfast, and returned without launch.
Thanks to this prior planning we were able to find an outstanding vacation villa, secure great rates on car rental and create comprehensive touring plans that helped us "max-out" our days at the various theme-parks.

We also looked up some pretty decent local restaurants (the Villaggio Grille and Pizza Co. now unfortunately closed) and a kayak rental outfit that offered shuttle-launch tours on Mosquito Lagoon. (The launch of STS 134, the penultimate shuttle mission, got scrubbed that day...just my luck!)

Looking back we realized that a lot of the information that contributed to one of our favourite vacations to date was actually provided by ordinary people who were kind enough to share their experiences on review sites, web forums and travel blogs. We hope that anyone who stumbles through the eye of Google and onto these pages will likewise be able to take a little something from our experiences that in some small way may help make their travels more memorable.

Despite the theming of this website, I wouldn't consider this a travel blog. Instead, look at it as a collection of suggestions and tips on getting the most out of a family vacation with two small children on a modest budget to various destinations in Jamaica and abroad.

Have fun and safe travels, cheers!

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