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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

From Kingstown to Beantown

In two weeks time the four of us will be heading to Boston on a family vacation. Although my wife and eldest daughter have vacationed there before, it will be the first time to "beantown" for me and Vicky, who is two and a half.

We'll be staying with family members in the Dorchester neighbourhood, about 6 miles south of downtown from where we plan to head out on daytrips in and around the Greater Boston area.

Our itinerary includes a lot of activities that cater to children as well as many cultural and outdoors excursions which we hope will be as entertaining and educational to our kids as they are to us.

Some of the destinations we are looking forward to visit include:

-          Southwick’s Zoo
      -          Salem Maritime Festival
      -          Canobie Lake Park
      -          Fenway Park
      -          New England Aquarium
      -          Museum of Science
      -          Davis’s Farmland
      -          Martha’s Vineyard

Additionally we’re going to try our hand at geocaching which, I’m sorry to say, I had never heard of until recently, when we decided to purchase a Garmin GPS device to help us find our way around the US.

Our daughters, currently in their 3rd week of summer vacation (we get eight long weeks here in Jamaica) are already exited and rearing to go. When we ask them what they are looking forward to the most…the Aquarium?...Water Wizz?...the Ferry Cruise out to the Harbour Islands? Their answer is a unanimous: “Chuck E. Cheese!”

Oh well.

In the meantime, as we count down the days until our departure on August 1st, we’ll be finalizing our itinerary, doing some last minute research and preparing our trip check-list as well as taking a little trip around Jamaica in search of our first geocaches, but more on that in the next post.

Have fun out there!


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